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Three BBC/CCTV films on the history of Chinese painting – Autumn 2014

posted 10:38 - 31.05.14


Two major MIT publications, supported by the Foundation

Below; Gao Minglu, Total Modernity and the Avant–Garde in Twentieth–Century Chinese Art

Below; Contemporary Art in Asia, ed Melissa Chiu and Benjamin Genocchio


Helping to make sure that the intense global interest in contemporary Chinese art has a sustainable future; helping the west to understand the rich history and contemporary cultural life of China; helping China to understand western art and culture, historical and contemporary

Artists’ Talks

Huang Yong Ping and Frank Stella in conversation at the China Art Foundation event, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, 2011

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Museum Training Programme

An innovative training programme for senior museum staff, to make China’s museums sustainable; to inform western museum professionals about museum practice in China and the history of Chinese art. Enquiries and more information from

Latest for the China Art Foundation

Israeil video artist Nurit Sharett in Red Gate residency in Beijing. CAF/Videobrasil programme

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Further installments of Artist Dialogues in US, China and Europe. Plus major research on private museums. And more…

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Ming: 50 years that Changed China, British Museum, until 5 January 2015