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Zhang Huan: In the Ashes of History

In September 2020 The State Hermitage opened the exhibition “Zhang Huan: In the Ashes of History” , the first solo exhibition in Russia by the famous contemporary Chinese artist Zhang Huan.

In the Ashes of History was displayed in the Nicholas Hall of the Winter Palace and showcased several series of works made in a variety of techniques.

The exhibition was organized by the Department of Contemporary Art as part of the Hermitage 20/21 project, with the support of Pearl Lam Galleries, China Art Foundation, DC Foundation – Diana Chen, Dr Junning Lee and Mrs Xiaojun Lee, Asymmetry Art Foundation, and Julian Zhen.

The initiators and curators of the exhibition were Dimitri Ozerkov, director of the Department of Contemporary Art, and Anastasia Veialko, junior research assistant. The guest curator was Professor Wu Hung of Chicago University.

Metropolitan Musuem New York 5th May

Looking at his art: Huang Yong Ping, at the Metropolitan Museum New York 5 May, preparing for the China Art Foundation talk, with US artist Frank Stella.

CAF Summit, Ditchley

Founded in 2008, the first Foundation event was a major and exclusive summit, held at Ditchley, Oxfordshire. It brought together in a three–day private summit major 40 museum directors and scholars from China and the West, including Sir Nicolas Serota, Director, Tate, Wang Huangsheng, Director of Guangzhou Art Museum (now Director of Chinese Academy of Fine Art Gallery, Beijing), Professor Rob Storr, Yale University, Gao Minglu, curator and Professor, Pittsburgh University, Professor Wu Hung, Chicago University, Wang Jianwei, artist, Melissa Chiu, Director, Asia Society Museum, New York, Joe Thompson Founding Director MASS MoCA

The complementary summit in China was held in Hangzhou, in May 2010. Participants included Hou Hanru, of the San Francisco Art Instutute, Michael Govan of LACMA, Alfred Pacquement, Director Pompidou, Professor Shiming Gao, Sichuan Fine Arts Institute; Jospeh Backstein, Founder Moscow Biennale, Zhang Peili, artist, Dean of New Media, China Academy of Fine Arts, Hangzhou, Lei Li, Director, Shanghai Art Museum, Mike Hearn, Metropolitan Museum New York, Tomas Vlecek, Director, National Gallery Prague, Chris Dercon, Haus Der Kunst Munich (now Director Tate Modern London), Joe Thompson Founding Director MASS MoCA, Gary Tinterow, Metropolitan Museum


Zhang Huan: In the Ashes of History – Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg – 2020

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